Delivery Information

Our Deliveries

Humber Services Booking Process

Booking with Consignee/ Receiver  Humber Services will contact the Consignee with a proposed delivery/collect date via SMS or email. If this is accepted a confirmation will be sent with pre delivery instructions. o If Consignee is unable to take the proposed delivery/collection date, then Customer Service will contact the Client to determine day of delivery time windows. 
o Customer Service will go through a check list with the Consignee/Receiver   
 ▪ Size of vehicle 
 ▪ Nearest On/Off Street parking/bay and any restrictions 
 ▪ Security 
 ▪ General access to premises – any obstacles such as stairways/slopes/rough ground, building/construction works ▪ Entry to the Premises 
 ▪ Room and floor of choice maximum 3rd floor unless suitable lift available. 
 ▪ Reminder of “Pre delivery preparation indoors” – removal of furniture/ornaments/pictures/valuables and dust sheeting walkway to room of choice. 
 ▪ The Driving Crew will do a risk assessment prior to making the delivery and agree an insurance disclaimer ▪ GSIT system Notification to Consignee/Receiver of Delivery Date and Time ▪ Call on Day of Delivery to say delivery on the way. o Customer Service hours of operation 
 ▪ Monday to Friday - 08:00 – 16:00 Hours
 ▪ Route cancellation (e.g. weather, breakdown, illness) will be notified to consignees prior to delivery.

Lead Times

After receipt of goods from Olivers, Humber services will aim to deliver in the lead times (below). Once the customer receives the receipt notification from Humber Services Portal, (SMS or email). Humber Services aim to deliver within 3-5 days (Stock Dependant).